Providing Pathways to Empowering Careers

Optimum CareerPath recruits,  trains, and places recent college graduates into lucrative healthcare IT jobs, helping grads launch meaningful careers and ensuring healthcare organizations have the tech talent they need. 

Optimum partners with universities across the country to recruit alumni and upcoming graduates, giving our higher education partners access to a unique paid training program with excellent outcomes and a track record of high-salary placements.

Optimum has developed a free, self-paced, 20-hour pre-apprenticeship program to help universities, students, and potential CareerPath recruits understand healthcare technology and a healthcare IT career. Optimum’s introductory pre-apprenticeship program covers in-demand concepts and technologies including:

  • Electronic health records
  • Enterprise resource planning software
  • Data and analytics
  • Project management
  • Interoperability
  • Cloud

Contact us using the form to the right for more information on how we partner with universities or to give your students free access to our healthcare technology pre-apprenticeship course.

Benefits of Optimum CareerPath


Interact & Network with Healthcare Provider Executives

Establish relationships while learning the latest policies, regulations, and trends in the industry.

Career Launching Healthcare IT Role Placements

Set yourself up for a future career in healthcare IT.

Current Partners